About us

Sabio, it’s said especially to the person who possesses wisdom or knowledge through experience and study. It is that individual who has deep knowledge in a specialty or art. That’s us.

Sabio Tulum arose from the need to create new dishes with an expert chef who loves the art of cooking. We seek to show the best of Mexican gastronomy, mixing cultures and traditions, with flavors that achieve a unique culinary experience, in one of the most incredible places in Tulum.


Kampachi Tiradito
Laminated fresh Kampachi marinated in a tempered black recado sauce, glazed sweet potato, avocado, wakamen, cucumber, drops of passion fruit gel & toviko fish roe.
Zucckini Noodles
Italian pumpkin, beet vinaigrette, praline, macadamia nut, pistachio, supreme grapefruit, supreme orange, jicama, shredded coconut and goat cheese.
Betabel Carpaccio
Slices of pickled Betabel, mix of seasoned lettuces, olive oil, virgin, orange supreme, tatemado peanut & goat cheese.
Vegan Ceviche
Baby coconut, mango, braised starfruit, braised squash, braised cauliflower, macadamian nut, baby corn, orange wedtges, mint leafs, jicama, cherry tomato, coconut tigers milk, ginger and manzano chili pepper.
Rib Eye Tacos
Flour tortilla, 180 gr rib eye steak, ponzu sauce, sesame paste, cherry tomatoes relish, radish, watermelon, textured avocado, coriander and purslane salad, slices of red serrano chili pepper and toasted dried pumpkin seeds.
Short Rib Esquite
Yellow corn, white corn, poblano chili sauce with coconut milk accompanied with short rib, Spanish chorizo, holy leaf and cheese from the region.
Cebada Risotto
Barley cooked with chili marinade, butter, Parmesan cheese, mushrooms and pumpkin, over an aromatic chickpea puree, roasted shrimp and chaya powder.
Pibil Chicken
300 gr. Chicken breast cooked at low temperature overflowing in achiote sauce accompanied by mashed interpretation of sikil pak and traditional xnipec.
Veracruzana Yuca
Cassava fillet from the sealed region, mirror of emulsified Veracruz sauce, leek medallions.
Rib Eye
400 gr of rib eye, tatemado banana puree, pickled asparagus and cherry salad dressed with a warm old mustard vinaigrette and chili oil.
Scallop, velouté sauce emulsion emulsified with epazote chlorophyll, sautéed asparagus, confit potato & citrus perfume.
Chilchilo Suckling Pig
Confit suckling pig in a wood oven, escamoles, mole chichilo, purslane, coriander, serrano pepper, toasted pepitas accompanied with corn tortillas.

House Cocktails

Mezcal, orange, grapefruit, hibiscus.
Beefeater Pink, lemon, agave honey, strawberry.
Aperol, rose wine, proseco, lemon.
Mezcal, passion fruit, raspberry, lemon, cardamom.
Mezcal, lemon, orange, honey, activated carbon.
K’an k’an
Absolut, Mango, passion fruit.
Absolut Watermelon. berrys, soda.

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